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If you yearn to give a submissive girl an open hand spanking till her ass cheeks are red, swollen, and hot under your palm, then you are in the right place! Our girls are hot, horny, and ready to get off with you in any way you like. You bring the paddle and we bring our horny asses! We are waiting to be used and abused till you squirt your load! We are experienced fetish fantasy artists but we are also real spanking fetishists. We literally can't get off with some corporal punishment, Give it to us! specializes in no taboos, no limits phone sex and we girls will not stop until you cum as hard as you can!

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Are you a member of Niteflirt? If you are not, you are missing out on the sluttiest, most submissive pain slut on the site! I'm Tawny, I'm a NO limits pain puppy and i want to serve You. If my call button says "Call Now", click it. Get registered, and connect with me anonymously and quickly. I'm dedicated to giving you a hot and painful (for me) experience!

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Tawny is always great! Sexy young voice, intelligent and attentive, very convincing acting and sound effects, responds enthusiastically to even the most extreme nastiness. She's the BEST!- Tanukiboy
All flirts should take lessons from this Minx. Totally sexy voice,and totally real, too!-Bigtime Cowboy
When you're on a call with Tawny, it feels like she's right there in the room with you. She's always a willing fuck-puppet who will eagerly submit to your kinkiest and most degrading demands. GREAT!!!- Tanukiboy
Hadn't talked with Tawny for a while, and this last call reminded me again why she's at the TOP of my Favorites list! Sexy young voice, amazing acting and sound effects, takes any kind of abuse you can dish out. WOW!- Tanukiboy
So willing, so eager to please, so kinky, so completely obedient. Tawny is the *perfect* fuck-puppet. Hearing her sexy young voice begging for cum (and mercy) always makes me blow a huge wad. She's at the top of my "Favorites" list. WOW!- Tanukiboy
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WOW! Tawny may be the PERFECT submissive girl. Young innocent voice, intelligent, and enthusiastic. The harder you use her, the faster she pumps her wet little slit. Great phone connection, great photos. WOW!- Tanukiboy
She is so gorgeous. she does have a hot and sexy body, great legs, and gorgeous tits. you will be so glad you bought all her pics. they are worth alot more than 5 stars.- Lastone2know
Sexy young voice, intelligent and attentive, great actress, willing to endure *any* humiliation and abuse. Tawny is incredible!-Tanukiboy
Get her hot pics now. you will see she is so hot as soon as you open the pics. sexy body, gorgeous tits, and very sexy legs.-Tanukiboy
It's not often that a Flirt jumps to the top of my "Favorites" list after one call, but Tawny is one of those rare flirts. Sexy young voice, great actress, super eager to please, willing to take ANY abuse. WOW!!!-Tanukiboy

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There's nothing we won't do! We know you've been around the internet and found many "no taboos" fetish phone sex sites that were not quite as "no taboo" as they claimed to be. You won't have that problem with us! Don't stop the spanking till our asses are raw. We want to get just as nasty as you do, in fact, that's the only way you will make us cum. (If you let us cum!)

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